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Exposure Changes Everything

20 Sep

gavins first day of school 005 (4)

gavins first day of school 005 (6)

gavins first day of school 005 (5)


Conversations On The Front Porch

18 Sep

gavins first day of school 001

gavins first day of school 001 (4)

gavins first day of school 001 (3)

The Untitled

13 Sep

The next ten weeks or so will be extremely busy for me.

up north 2013 238

I hope I get to write and think a bit.

up north 2013 240


In the meantime I think I will post my favorite pictures from my summer of playing.

erin's pics 029

Did I mention this is a borrowed camera from my mother?

erin's pics 030

I just love that camera!

erin's pics 018


erin's pics 046

I mean I just love that woman!

To Win Some

10 Sep

“I don’t normally introduce myself to strangers”, I said shyly.

“I’m no stranger, I am here every day” he quipped in a soft voice.

I sat down next to him, and feeling bold with nothing to loose I just blurted.

“I think your beautiful, I really would love to take your picture”

“I think you are mistaken” he replied with a smile.

sportsman day 085

However he smiled like he has heard this before. “What will you do with a photo of me?” he asked.

I might study it some more. I think I might grow up to be an artist.


“That might be alright then, but I hope I don’t break that camera of yours.”

We talked then, of the city and growing up and then old.

We agreed that we all win some and loose some. “mostly I have lost some” he said with distance in his eye.

sportsman day 086

I hope today we both won something. I feel richer by having the courage to stop, not just pass by.

Tomatoes and Onions

9 Sep

Perhaps my new WordPress friends remember when I said that I am a horrible gardener.

sportsman day 034

That is why I spent the summer foraging.

sportsman day 019

The truth is this:
My family planted the garden

sportsman day 028

…and allowed me to weed and water it

sportsman day 032

We all feel this beautiful sense of pride and ownership.

sportsman day 033

Do all gardeners feel this great at the end of a summer?

To Study Our Daughters

4 Sep

To study my daughter is to see myself more clearly.

I rode that same tractor as a child

kids on tractor 066 (2)2

Ran from it and all that it represented


kids on tractor 066 (2)3

And now I am back home

To nurture her in the same nest

Under the same sun

Tapping into the same roots

To stand back and watch her grow

kids on tractor 066

In awe

Thoughts On Focus

3 Sep


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