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Exposure Changes Everything

20 Sep

gavins first day of school 005 (4)

gavins first day of school 005 (6)

gavins first day of school 005 (5)


Conversations On The Front Porch

18 Sep

gavins first day of school 001

gavins first day of school 001 (4)

gavins first day of school 001 (3)

The Untitled

13 Sep

The next ten weeks or so will be extremely busy for me.

up north 2013 238

I hope I get to write and think a bit.

up north 2013 240


In the meantime I think I will post my favorite pictures from my summer of playing.

erin's pics 029

Did I mention this is a borrowed camera from my mother?

erin's pics 030

I just love that camera!

erin's pics 018


erin's pics 046

I mean I just love that woman!

Tomatoes and Onions

9 Sep

Perhaps my new WordPress friends remember when I said that I am a horrible gardener.

sportsman day 034

That is why I spent the summer foraging.

sportsman day 019

The truth is this:
My family planted the garden

sportsman day 028

…and allowed me to weed and water it

sportsman day 032

We all feel this beautiful sense of pride and ownership.

sportsman day 033

Do all gardeners feel this great at the end of a summer?

Sunday Morning Musings Over Coffee

25 Aug



When you think of a mother, what comes to mind?

“Eat your vegetables”

“Waste not, want not”

“Because I made it for you, if you don’t want it, go hungry until the my next meal”

“Make hay while the sun shines!”

When I was in Morocco, I was with some farmers and I was able to observe how much people depended on the seasons to go well so there would be food on the table. Imported food is expensive, and hubz ( bread ) and the local fare was what there was to eat at every meal. Mother nature nurtures that lovely country without fail.

This summer as I learned to forage a bit, I was reminded that when co-operating with mother nature, I had to eat what was laid out on that proverbial table or go hungry.

I learned that stalking what I did not plant takes a lot of energy and time.

As I thought about the time it takes to clean lily bulbs for the table, or cringed about the time it can take to harvest a flour out of the seeds to purslane, I had to admit that choosing to spend my time in such a way forced me back to a bosom that I didn’t know I had missed. I felt taken care of. Sheltered a bit. Nurtured.

It is true that I also felt empowered by the knowledge I gained, and I felt independent of the need for money and a good grocery store. But mostly I was reminded of my time in a developing country and the jealousy I felt as I watched them move about and respond to the very unchanged earth that took care of them.

Here in the United States not many of us cannot choose to live this way full time. We have sophisticated responsibilities and cities to maintain. We have a way of life to protect. I have children I have to raise and train in the way of technology and making a living.


Together we took a moment out of our summer and allowed ourselves to remember from who’s womb we were born and return to her bosom for a bit of rest. This summer we were able to decide that we will continue to gather from her and allow ourselves to be nourished, taking lessons from our brothers and sisters across the ocean and give thanks for all that has been provided.

The Mighty Croc Pot

1 Aug

I spent another day cleaning lily tubers. The whole day.

Did I mention that these can be tedious to prepare? All I can say is thank heavens the tubers are great raw and I could amuse myself snacking while washing and cutting off the best parts.

That may be the very reason this endeavor took as long as it did!


The recipe is very simple, as croc pot recipes always are.

Lay in as many tubers as possible. This will take a while because the cook and people passing by will be tempted to eat them raw.

Add whatever you like. I added fresh sage, carrots and fresh basil, then put the meat on top.

Just as an example of my country bumpkin-ness, I decided to add rabbit. I am sure chicken, beef or pork would be lovely. I am equally as sure that this would work great as a vegetarian or vegan dish also.

Foot note: After all this stalking, I am still living!


Out For The Day

30 Jul

erin's pics 042

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