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Conversations On The Front Porch

18 Sep

gavins first day of school 001

gavins first day of school 001 (4)

gavins first day of school 001 (3)


To Win Some

10 Sep

“I don’t normally introduce myself to strangers”, I said shyly.

“I’m no stranger, I am here every day” he quipped in a soft voice.

I sat down next to him, and feeling bold with nothing to loose I just blurted.

“I think your beautiful, I really would love to take your picture”

“I think you are mistaken” he replied with a smile.

sportsman day 085

However he smiled like he has heard this before. “What will you do with a photo of me?” he asked.

I might study it some more. I think I might grow up to be an artist.


“That might be alright then, but I hope I don’t break that camera of yours.”

We talked then, of the city and growing up and then old.

We agreed that we all win some and loose some. “mostly I have lost some” he said with distance in his eye.

sportsman day 086

I hope today we both won something. I feel richer by having the courage to stop, not just pass by.

Star Struck

31 Aug

horsing agound at walnut acres 113

Watching my daughter this week has been taking me back in time. That is what is great about being twenty nine a few times, and being a parent; you get to enjoy great memories! This week I have been with her as she explores the horse world and everything amazing in it, just as I did when I was a young teen.

This week my mini-me has went from being horse crazy to absolutely star stuck. You know those crazy kids that have that Justin -whats-his-name hanging on their wall? Or perhaps you remember swooning yourself when some guys named themselves after an insect and came to our side of the pond. I am sure any of my blogging friends out there can relate to the mania and obsession kids from all over give to boy bands and the beautiful and famous.

That is nothing compared to a teenager with a bad case of horse fever.

A star stuck horse crazy girl will look at magazines and go to horse shows, and come home believing that her horse, can, and will learn to piaffe. ( For my patient readers that are non-horsey that means they trot in place, like prancing. But it is a big deal.) She will beg for sleek breeches and boots that only set a parent back a cool hundred or so. She will braid anything she can get her fingers on because one day she will have a mane to braid for a very important show. I know exatly what she is going through. I put my parents through the same routine.

However, I owned a very humble quarter horse, just as we own a Quarter Horse today. This horse was born to play with cows, not dance ballet.

Star stuck teenagers in the barn however are not appeased with records and posters of their idol, noooooo…they go shopping for very, very expensive tack. Because if you put dressage saddle on a Quarter Horse, it will BE a dressage horse. If you wear awesome boots and breeches, your horse will see this and become determined to collect themselves and carry themselves with far more pride than an ordinary trail horse. My very patient and kind horse tolerated me dreaming on his behalf too. I polished and shined him every day, braided him and dreamt about how someday I would have the money and means to take him foxhunting. That loving friend of mine was just thrilled that I made it out to the barn every day to play.

Yes, I know all of this because I did this to my poor parents; I dragged them to tack shops and talked their ears off about what great things horses and I would do someday. This week they are watching me now as I patiently explain to my star struck teenager that someday….her dreams just might come true.

Craving Attention

24 Aug


horsing agound at walnut acres 054


horsing agound at walnut acres 055

o.k. Stop texting and talk to me please.

horsing agound at walnut acres 056

Mom. I don’t text all the time.

horsing agound at walnut acres 057

I am on Google.

Thoughts On Marraige

17 Aug

25th aniversiray 026

25th aniversiray 029

25th aniversiray 030

The Present

23 Jul

purslane and butterflies 516

I am floating.

I can sense light but am aware that it is both radiating from me and radiating from outside conscience. There is a rhythm…distant, yet within that beats in a soothing tempo, tempting me to slip into bliss. My soul is cradled in warmth, unaware that it is water or air. Perhaps both. Something reminiscent of the womb, if the spirit had yet experienced it. Perhaps it is yearning for what is to come. Perhaps it is reminiscing what had been; existing in the past and future, floating in the peaceful present. This present, undisturbed by forces that break conscience, pull us out of the here, the absolute reality of the now, into the dance of awareness of others. I breathe in…and out…relishing the buoyancy of the universe.

I hear something from outside of myself. I am sad to answer it, but it is demanding that it be answered; calling a name. Is it calling me? I want to remain in my cocoon, to stay immersed in the bliss of the present. The name is being called, repeated, with increasing urgency. I can’t ignore it, something in my spirit has to answer. I struggle to break now, from the embrace and comfort that is enveloping me. Pulling me back to it, I struggle with it. My peace is now a shackle because I cannot come up, or out. That name…it is mine. I am wanted outside of myself. I push up and breathe in.


I’m here. I’m here. I see you .

Blinking in the brilliant sun I begin treading water again, the sound of birds and water beating against the shore filling my ears and my deprived senses.

Watch me jump off the dock mom!

I see you now! I can see you! I love it! I am here in your moment. Now.

Blazing A Trail For Me

21 Jul

purslane and butterflies 074

One of the most precious things about being a parent is what our kids can teach us and where they can lead us. This week my son blazed a trail to our first 4-H BB gun shoot. We would have never have become involved with this sport had it not been for David leading the way.

You see, Dave was BORN holding a gun. Not because we are enthusiasts of the sport, but because if guns had not been invented, he would have been the man to invent them. Some people are born passionate about their life hobby and sometimes, their life’s work. David is one of those people. The minute Dave could sit up he was taking things apart and putting them back together, so as soon as he could cut and paste he was in the internet teaching himself how to make working guns out of paper. He loves the process of creating, but also loves the mechanics of a working machine. Guns of course would be the natural cumulation of such interests.

We are country people, so naturally our summers are not complete without BB guns and all of the empty soup cans we knock over with them. Davids passion and interest goes much deeper than that. His interests go beyond sling shots, cane pole fishing and typical cop and robber games. So, like any other country bumpkin mom living out in the sticks, I enrolled my child into 4-H so we could get the proper mentoring and inclusion into a group that knows EVERYTHING about the subject we know NOTHING about, so David could explore his passion for marksmanship.

As we were all standing around watching his first shoot, it occurred to me how much our children can teach us, and lead us into, if we listen to them and follow their lead. I thought about how this parenting thing is a partnership of mentoring between our communities, our children and ourselves. I am so humbled by how my child’s life makes my community so much bigger by introducing the whole family to people and places that we would never encountered if we had not stopped to listen to another heartbeat and follow the sound.

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