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To Win Some

10 Sep

“I don’t normally introduce myself to strangers”, I said shyly.

“I’m no stranger, I am here every day” he quipped in a soft voice.

I sat down next to him, and feeling bold with nothing to loose I just blurted.

“I think your beautiful, I really would love to take your picture”

“I think you are mistaken” he replied with a smile.

sportsman day 085

However he smiled like he has heard this before. “What will you do with a photo of me?” he asked.

I might study it some more. I think I might grow up to be an artist.


“That might be alright then, but I hope I don’t break that camera of yours.”

We talked then, of the city and growing up and then old.

We agreed that we all win some and loose some. “mostly I have lost some” he said with distance in his eye.

sportsman day 086

I hope today we both won something. I feel richer by having the courage to stop, not just pass by.


To Study Our Daughters

8 Sep

To look at them as through a glass darkly
They show us some things
Not like before
When we heard and saw everything
Because they believed that we knew everything
Had all the solutions

sportsman day 052

They believe the trail was blazed by mothers long ago
That we already know the way

sportsman day 079

Now that she is far from me
I lead her by shadows and suggestions
Pray for her peace
Long to hold her again

Thoughts On Marraige

17 Aug

25th aniversiray 026

25th aniversiray 029

25th aniversiray 030

Yucca Lilly Stir Fry

20 Jul

flower pics 014

After making wild food a decadent dessert yesterday, I thought today I had better make it up to mother nature by doing something wonderful and healthy with my gifted produce. Since my sister-in-law’s yucca plant blooms a full two weeks after ours does, I went and asked if I could snag some of her blooms.

flower pics 021

The buds from the day lilies can work just like a green bean, I don’t know about you, but I have been known to throw about anything into a stir fry, so I decided to take Euell Gibbons advice and eat the buds.

flower pics 020

The idea to stir fry the yucca blooms came from Eat The Weeds.com. That website and you tube channel are really informative. I was so excited to find that resource because he is located in Florida.

Yes! I’ll be foraging all over Disney World when I get there! Wooohooo!

(Just another product of making minimum wage)

flower pics 027

Like any worthy Euell Gibbons follower, I stir fried my veggies in butter. Feel free to improve and use an oil free alternative, or a healthier choice. Being a country bumpkin living back home, there is nothing quite like REAL butter.

I also took the liberty of adding some spice mixes from my collection of Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple parties (My other bad habit) and of course, onion and green bell pepper.

flower pics 031

I ate this over brown rice (my way of apologizing for using butter) and annoyed my dining partners with taking pictures at the dinner table (I am not sure how I am going to make up for that!).

flower pics 032

Everyone tried this dish, ate all of it, and gave it a thumbs up.

I cried tears of happiness.
(And we are all still living.)

My Need to Rant

27 Apr

teaching pic

“It’s easier to teach than to do, and it feels like a nice shortcut towards fame, success, money, whatever”. ~ Cristian Mihai

Those who can do those who can’t teach~ Man and Superman

For those of you who don’t know; I am a student and teacher. In fact, I am a student teacher. That being the fact, I am not ignorant to two other facts: first, that I will not be appreciated, second, teaching is one of the hardest, most grinding poorest paying jobs I have ever had…that I love.

Why disparage teachers?  We send our children off to school every day depending on teachers to impart knowledge, wisdom and mentorship to our little ones.

We are angry when teachers fall short of our high expectations, then disreguard the process of teaching itself.

We pay teachers about 24,000 dollars a year to begin their careers here in the Unites States, while setting up their own houses and returning an average of 400.00 a year to their classrooms.

Most people believe that teachers get three months off a year; vacationing and living a life of ease. The truth is teachers spend most of their summer working and preparing for the following fall for free.

I was reading an inspirational blog this morning about how to become a better writer. His point was that people that teach writing do so because they cannot write. Ouch. The blogger however was right to recommend that we read and write as much as humanly possible, and our craft will develop naturally.

So is the case with teachers.

So is the case for doctors.

So is the case for farmers.

So is the case for…Well, you get the idea.

The reason this put a burr under my saddle today, is that I just dropped a creative writing class because the professor, bless her heart, decided that teaching was indeed a waste of time in the creative writing field. She instead would sit in her chair and have all of us read what we wrote in high school and sit back and enjoy. Like magic, all of us will have epiphanies and develop as passionate creative writers. That did not happen.

Being a student of the art of teaching, there is one truth so far that I have discovered; unless you are so freaking brilliant that you don’t need a teacher, someone is going to have to point out the obvious to you and see that you follow through with the application. That’s right, I need someone (because I am not brilliant) to tell me what an Iambic pentameter is, and see that I can create one. I need someone to bring to my attention genres and give them a name, and see to it that I can identify them also. Even though that teacher is undervalued and underpaid, she or he, will have to care enough to follow through and see that I can apply that knowledge that they are privleged enough to impart. In case you were wondering that’s where grades come from.

My Child, My Teacher

17 Apr


The most wonderful thing about exploring life with children, is the second chance to move through elementary school and pick up on things we forgot to pay attention to the first time around. Perhaps having all of our background information that only years can provide, makes their schoolwork far more interesting for us, or maybe it is only that the pressure is off and our children will be tested and graded; we are off the hook!

Whatever the case, I had a great time this last two weeks learning the fine art of Haiku from my third grader. Because we are temporarily homebound with our school schedules, Haiku was our grand adventure this week. With David’s permission, I am sharing our haikus as a tribute to spring, and inspiration for us to get out-of-doors now that we have spring’s official invitation.

David’s Haiku
Fire crackling tonight
In the chimney at midnight
While the gray wolves hunt

David taught mom to write:
The frogs give first chirp
That spring has now awoken
Bare feet seal the promise

Robins seek out worms
Worms come up to breathe fresh air
Now is time to fish

Enjoy the first days of spring everyone!

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