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The Mighty Croc Pot

1 Aug

I spent another day cleaning lily tubers. The whole day.

Did I mention that these can be tedious to prepare? All I can say is thank heavens the tubers are great raw and I could amuse myself snacking while washing and cutting off the best parts.

That may be the very reason this endeavor took as long as it did!


The recipe is very simple, as croc pot recipes always are.

Lay in as many tubers as possible. This will take a while because the cook and people passing by will be tempted to eat them raw.

Add whatever you like. I added fresh sage, carrots and fresh basil, then put the meat on top.

Just as an example of my country bumpkin-ness, I decided to add rabbit. I am sure chicken, beef or pork would be lovely. I am equally as sure that this would work great as a vegetarian or vegan dish also.

Foot note: After all this stalking, I am still living!


Excuse Me, Do You Have Potatoes In Your flower Bed?

25 Jul

The lily is awesome! Edible in three forms, and it decorates your yard! Who wouldn’t love that?

lilies 001

Today I went out and dug up some lily roots that were growing into the hay field. The best part about harvesting the tubers from lilies is that thinning them out and replanting only makes them healthier, so this is not so much harvesting, as it is the lily offering a free dinner for some grooming.

lilies 003

After digging up some tubers, I put them in a pot of fresh water to soak off some dirt.
The tubers are a bit tedious to clean and prepare, but not any more so than shelling peas for dinner.

lilies 005

This is what the tubers and the tops will look like when you separate the two.

lilies 009

The light colored ones at the top will taste a bit like water chestnuts and are awesome as a snack or in a salad.

lilies 010

The ones on the right are tougher and slice and boil or roast like a potato, and the ones ont he left are a happy marriage of the two.

lilies 012

So naturally I added onion and had a happy little stir-fry and cooked the pig weed from yesterday to go with it.

lilies 011

I dined with our residents again today and they gave lily tubers a hearty thumbs up.
Honestly, I am going out to dig up some more and make an awesome pot roast.

lilies 016

Either way, after all this stalking, I’m still living!

The Lowly Pig Weed

24 Jul

pig weed 136

From Stalking The Wild Asparagus:
“It isn’t called that because it’s only fit for pigs. It is just that pigs, knowing a good thing when they taste it, will eat all of the weed they can get.”

pig weed 146

Step one: Find the pig weed.

I plucked our pig weed from our neglected potato patch. Please don’t judge me by the size of these weeds, the potatoes will be fine.

pig weed 152

Step two: Find a willing partner to pluck the best little leaves off of the plants.

pig weed 157

Step three: Wash it well and chop it up. This step is so boring I decided not to even take a picture of it. (My readers are very sophisticated, that step is a given.)

pig weed 167

Step four: Use it!

I have my mothers explicit permission to post her quiche recipe here. The reason it is impossible, is that it is impossible to ruin it.

Need proof? I ran out of flour and used pancake mix instead. It was still awesome!

Mom’s Impossible Quiche

3 cups of flour
1 cup of milk
3 eggs

Whip the above ingredients in a blender and pour into a baking dish

Add whatever you deem delicious. Today was pig weed, green onion, beet tops and purslane.

Feel free to be boring and just add broccoli.

Top with cheese. I am not sure it is possible to eat quiche without cheese. Please let me know if I am wrong.

(P.S. Still. Living.)

The Mighty Purslane

22 Jul

purslane and butterflies 810

I cannot believe we have been pulling this plant out of our gardens my whole life.

I am horrified. Embarrassed.

This little plant is gown commercially in many asian countries and I have also seen it cooked in Morocco. You might be surprised to know that it was once grown in the United States for commercial use as well.

A quick run down of this awesome little plant:

Hight in Omega 3 fatty acids. That is right, don’t go buy fish oil supplements during the summer, go pick purslane.

purslane and butterflies 814
Culinary musings has this to say:

“The plant is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and beta carotene, and quite high in protein. Most noteworthy of all, it is considered a better source of essential omega-3 fatty acids than any other leafy plant. These are compounds the body cannot make itself, which are needed to complement the omega-6 fatty acids we get from grains and grain-fed meat. Wild-caught salmon and freshly hulled walnuts also deliver this prize, but for a steady supply what could be handier than a plant that leaps into your own personal food system with the ardor of an overactive puppy?”

purslane and butterflies 817<

The kids and I heartily agree! We are in love with this “weed!”

You can google Purslane recipes and get a slew of choices, but this is the one I used today:

•1 cup cucumber, halved lengthwise and sliced.
•⅔ cup halved cherry tomatoes
•½ cup purslane leaves
•2 teaspoons toasted sesame seeds
•2-3 Tablespoons rice vinegar (start with 2 tablespoons, and add more if needed)
•1-2 teaspoons sugar

purslane and butterflies 822<

■Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, cover, and chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

(This recipe is also from Culinary Musings)

Yucca Lilly Stir Fry

20 Jul

flower pics 014

After making wild food a decadent dessert yesterday, I thought today I had better make it up to mother nature by doing something wonderful and healthy with my gifted produce. Since my sister-in-law’s yucca plant blooms a full two weeks after ours does, I went and asked if I could snag some of her blooms.

flower pics 021

The buds from the day lilies can work just like a green bean, I don’t know about you, but I have been known to throw about anything into a stir fry, so I decided to take Euell Gibbons advice and eat the buds.

flower pics 020

The idea to stir fry the yucca blooms came from Eat The That website and you tube channel are really informative. I was so excited to find that resource because he is located in Florida.

Yes! I’ll be foraging all over Disney World when I get there! Wooohooo!

(Just another product of making minimum wage)

flower pics 027

Like any worthy Euell Gibbons follower, I stir fried my veggies in butter. Feel free to improve and use an oil free alternative, or a healthier choice. Being a country bumpkin living back home, there is nothing quite like REAL butter.

I also took the liberty of adding some spice mixes from my collection of Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple parties (My other bad habit) and of course, onion and green bell pepper.

flower pics 031

I ate this over brown rice (my way of apologizing for using butter) and annoyed my dining partners with taking pictures at the dinner table (I am not sure how I am going to make up for that!).

flower pics 032

Everyone tried this dish, ate all of it, and gave it a thumbs up.

I cried tears of happiness.
(And we are all still living.)

The Eye of the Tiger

19 Jul

july 14th erins pics 005

Tiger Lilies that is! Or at least that is what we called them growing up. Euell Gibbons calls them day lilies.

Common name: YUMMY! Really, everyone tasted this recipe and liked it. Woa.

erin's pics 050
Step one: go pick pretty flowers

july 14th erins pics 058
Step two: rinse them off gently

july 14th erins pics 062
Step three: dip and fry

I used Gordon Food Service pancake mix because it is so sweet that I am sure it is really a vanilla cake mix that was put in the wrong packaging.

july 14th erins pics 065
That is what inspired the rest of my ingredients and recipe.

july 14th erins pics 072
I decided to turn the old-fashioned fried zucchini blossom recipe into a pretty dessert.

I also decided to sneak this delicious snack onto the brunch table for my mother’s adult foster care residents. I was sure that they had all eaten zucchini blossoms “back in the day”, but just in case I left it at assuming and just served it as treat. My covert operation “feed them weeds” was a resounding success! Mom wasn’t too upset with me, and “my guy’s” AKA guinea pigs, thought they were getting dessert before lunch!

july 14th erins pics 078

Considered and Consumed: The Grapes Have Won

18 Jul

After all the careful consideration, everyone that was around while I was trying out my new recipes liked the grape leaf. Success!

rolled grape leaf recipes 003

While scrolling through the million and one recipes for greek and arab style grape leaves on the internet, I found a raw food site that suggested stuffing them with whatever you deem awesome and eating them straight of the vine.


rolled grape leaf recipes 005

I tried about everything I could think of, but I really was hungry, so a pice of turkey was always in the center.

rolled grape leaf recipes 041

The young leaves are best for eating raw, and a bit of beet leaf and red onion made it complete in my book!

The absolute best filling was a recipe I found on National Public Radio:
One cucumber chopped fine
One onion ( I used red ) chopped very fine
One package of cream cheese
Mix it (don’t blend in a blender) and enjoy! (like on EVERTHING)

rolled grape leaf recipes 043

rolled grape leaf recipes 044

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