Meeting Our Mentor

26 Aug

horsing around at firefly 037 (4)

Our all-things-horsey adventure has begun at Firefly Farms.

I think I have been avoiding this adventure because I stress out with the kids running around my feet getting excited about riding and playing out in the barn at home. The horses are green, the kids are green, and that means someone is going to get kicked, stepped on or worse, and the mini-me troop are going back into the house disappointed in their ride experience. The whole thing just stressed me out.

horsing agound at walnut acres 010 (2)

As well as the horses sometimes!(This is me after a child filled home-barn adventure)

Then we met Sarah.

Sarah has a wonderful farm that is set up with horses and kids being the center of her attention so I don’t have to worry. In fact, I am sure none of these horsey things would be happening if Sarah did not have her philosophy in place and her horses ready to mentor us as well as she does. I have a teenage daughter and two of her elementary aged siblings that worship her and want to be just like her. What could be (and is at home) a prime opportunity for sibling rivalry to rear it’s ugly head, is simply just one more credit to Sarah and her philosophy of harmony and love in and around the barn; not only are my kids safe there, they are not allowed to argue and exercise their demons there. What mom would pass up a whole afternoon of riding lessons with her kids happy and learning to get along?

When I approached Sarah on our first trip to the barn, and told her the sordid tale of how my horse thinks she is a lap dog, her only reaction was “oh, I am so glad she brings you joy!” And that is the beginning of our tale. The horse brings us joy. This horse and or new mentor bring us joy, balance, friendship and a healthy outlet for sunshine and exercise. Being the grounded horse-mom, I get to take tons of photographs and post them here.

Did I mention our new guru is very, very patient?

horsing around at firefly 033

If you choose to take a moment to visit Firefly farm and read all about her wonderful friends and adventures, they are blogged here:


One Response to “Meeting Our Mentor”

  1. ridefireflyfarm August 26, 2013 at 12:16 pm #

    Aww, shucks. Now I’m blushing. Thank you, dearest Wendy.

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