The Mighty Croc Pot

1 Aug

I spent another day cleaning lily tubers. The whole day.

Did I mention that these can be tedious to prepare? All I can say is thank heavens the tubers are great raw and I could amuse myself snacking while washing and cutting off the best parts.

That may be the very reason this endeavor took as long as it did!


The recipe is very simple, as croc pot recipes always are.

Lay in as many tubers as possible. This will take a while because the cook and people passing by will be tempted to eat them raw.

Add whatever you like. I added fresh sage, carrots and fresh basil, then put the meat on top.

Just as an example of my country bumpkin-ness, I decided to add rabbit. I am sure chicken, beef or pork would be lovely. I am equally as sure that this would work great as a vegetarian or vegan dish also.

Foot note: After all this stalking, I am still living!


One Response to “The Mighty Croc Pot”

  1. ridefireflyfarm August 24, 2013 at 1:59 am #

    It seems a little…strange…to eat something so wonderful and pretty.

    Then again, aren’t the daylillies just as wonderful as rabbits? 😉

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