Excuse Me, Do You Have Potatoes In Your flower Bed?

25 Jul

The lily is awesome! Edible in three forms, and it decorates your yard! Who wouldn’t love that?

lilies 001

Today I went out and dug up some lily roots that were growing into the hay field. The best part about harvesting the tubers from lilies is that thinning them out and replanting only makes them healthier, so this is not so much harvesting, as it is the lily offering a free dinner for some grooming.

lilies 003

After digging up some tubers, I put them in a pot of fresh water to soak off some dirt.
The tubers are a bit tedious to clean and prepare, but not any more so than shelling peas for dinner.

lilies 005

This is what the tubers and the tops will look like when you separate the two.

lilies 009

The light colored ones at the top will taste a bit like water chestnuts and are awesome as a snack or in a salad.

lilies 010

The ones on the right are tougher and slice and boil or roast like a potato, and the ones ont he left are a happy marriage of the two.

lilies 012

So naturally I added onion and had a happy little stir-fry and cooked the pig weed from yesterday to go with it.

lilies 011

I dined with our residents again today and they gave lily tubers a hearty thumbs up.
Honestly, I am going out to dig up some more and make an awesome pot roast.

lilies 016

Either way, after all this stalking, I’m still living!


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