The Present

23 Jul

purslane and butterflies 516

I am floating.

I can sense light but am aware that it is both radiating from me and radiating from outside conscience. There is a rhythm…distant, yet within that beats in a soothing tempo, tempting me to slip into bliss. My soul is cradled in warmth, unaware that it is water or air. Perhaps both. Something reminiscent of the womb, if the spirit had yet experienced it. Perhaps it is yearning for what is to come. Perhaps it is reminiscing what had been; existing in the past and future, floating in the peaceful present. This present, undisturbed by forces that break conscience, pull us out of the here, the absolute reality of the now, into the dance of awareness of others. I breathe in…and out…relishing the buoyancy of the universe.

I hear something from outside of myself. I am sad to answer it, but it is demanding that it be answered; calling a name. Is it calling me? I want to remain in my cocoon, to stay immersed in the bliss of the present. The name is being called, repeated, with increasing urgency. I can’t ignore it, something in my spirit has to answer. I struggle to break now, from the embrace and comfort that is enveloping me. Pulling me back to it, I struggle with it. My peace is now a shackle because I cannot come up, or out. That name…it is mine. I am wanted outside of myself. I push up and breathe in.


I’m here. I’m here. I see you .

Blinking in the brilliant sun I begin treading water again, the sound of birds and water beating against the shore filling my ears and my deprived senses.

Watch me jump off the dock mom!

I see you now! I can see you! I love it! I am here in your moment. Now.


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