The Eye of the Tiger

19 Jul

july 14th erins pics 005

Tiger Lilies that is! Or at least that is what we called them growing up. Euell Gibbons calls them day lilies.

Common name: YUMMY! Really, everyone tasted this recipe and liked it. Woa.

erin's pics 050
Step one: go pick pretty flowers

july 14th erins pics 058
Step two: rinse them off gently

july 14th erins pics 062
Step three: dip and fry

I used Gordon Food Service pancake mix because it is so sweet that I am sure it is really a vanilla cake mix that was put in the wrong packaging.

july 14th erins pics 065
That is what inspired the rest of my ingredients and recipe.

july 14th erins pics 072
I decided to turn the old-fashioned fried zucchini blossom recipe into a pretty dessert.

I also decided to sneak this delicious snack onto the brunch table for my mother’s adult foster care residents. I was sure that they had all eaten zucchini blossoms “back in the day”, but just in case I left it at assuming and just served it as treat. My covert operation “feed them weeds” was a resounding success! Mom wasn’t too upset with me, and “my guy’s” AKA guinea pigs, thought they were getting dessert before lunch!

july 14th erins pics 078


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