Considered and Consumed: The Grapes Have Won

18 Jul

After all the careful consideration, everyone that was around while I was trying out my new recipes liked the grape leaf. Success!

rolled grape leaf recipes 003

While scrolling through the million and one recipes for greek and arab style grape leaves on the internet, I found a raw food site that suggested stuffing them with whatever you deem awesome and eating them straight of the vine.


rolled grape leaf recipes 005

I tried about everything I could think of, but I really was hungry, so a pice of turkey was always in the center.

rolled grape leaf recipes 041

The young leaves are best for eating raw, and a bit of beet leaf and red onion made it complete in my book!

The absolute best filling was a recipe I found on National Public Radio:
One cucumber chopped fine
One onion ( I used red ) chopped very fine
One package of cream cheese
Mix it (don’t blend in a blender) and enjoy! (like on EVERTHING)

rolled grape leaf recipes 043

rolled grape leaf recipes 044


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