I am insulted because I resemble that comment!

16 Jul


One of my favorite foods is stuffed grape leaves. The are so tangy and yummy! The reason I use adjectives like fragrant, delicious, sweet, tangy or lemony to describe these delights is that I eat A LOT of them. That makes me an expert. The reason I can’t call them filling is because I can eat about twenty at a time, and I am talking about an hourly trip to the ice box!

When considering the option of harvesting grape leaves that are abundant on our property the conversation went something like this:

Mom: “what if you picked poison ivy?”

Me: “We could carry the field guide with us to be sure I suppose.”

David: “If poison ivy or something like it grows nearby, will the grape leaves be poisonous?”

Dad: “If you ingested poison ivy by accident, would it put you in he hospital or kill you out right?”

Me: “Maybe I should update my life insurance policy.”

Mom: “You could just buy grape leaves at the store…”

The insanity of all of this is that we have a wonderful woman who comes out to our farm to pick our wild grape leaves every year. This delightful Arab grandmother pays us with a very large container of stuffed grape leaves. So I know exactly where the wild grapes grow.

But she brings stuffed grape leaves to us HOT.

The very next day.

That is how I know I can eat twenty at a time.

My Gibbons has this to say:

“True, a person who can’t tell the difference between poison ivy and a wild grapevine has no businesses trying to gather wild food…”


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