Sunday Morning Musing Over Coffee

9 Jun

rolled grape leaf recipes 028

When I was a girl, I remember it being said that the road to destruction is wide and well paved, but the road to salvation is narrow and difficult to navigate.

I have read that roads less traveled are the best.

I know they are the most exciting.

Thrilling, mostly.

This week I have been thinking about this blazing of trails thing, and decided that the name itself is three-fold.

First, I understand my role to show my children the way around life. This road is well traveled. Not because we are all headed to horrible destruction, but because there are basic things we all need, and we all walk similar paths to the local watering hole, so to speak. I understand that it is my responsibility to teach them to use the local library, respect their teachers and take care of their elders.

I am thinking this morning about how these wide, paved roads may be getting a bad rap. Some roads are wide and paved because they are absolutely necessary for all people to travel down, and without the wide “easy” road, many people would never find their way to education, spirituality and the like. This week I have been thinking about all the packed down paths that I am showing my children; the same ones my mother led me down just a few short years ago. These trails, familiar to me, and fodder for Thanksgiving day and Christmas dinner table chatter, are bran-spankin’ new places for my children. The library parties in the park, the creek that I dipped my toes into as a child, and long afternoons at the playground, are all places that most parents spend time with their children. Not exactly a crazy trail to blaze, but it seems so to three little Wendy’s in a small Michigan town.

While it is my responsibility to show my children the most useful and treasured trails they need to use, so they can become responsible adults and pass the torch, my deepest desire is to teach them to reach to new heights, new ideas and embrace beautiful new adventures. To blaze new trails.

Second, I, Wendy’s mother, would prefer not to travel wide paths, or the narrow and difficult path, and even less traveled paths for that matter. I am the personality that will crash through all barriers to see what it is that is absolutely MUST experience. At all cost. Remember that I am perfectly able to rent a small apartment and worry about money and be economically disadvantaged like a million other single mothers out there. kudos to all mommies out there that can maintain normal. I admire you and commend you for all that you do.I admit the obvious; that I cannot be average or normal. I choose to stamp our passports instead while pursuing a career that may never pay my rent. (Perhaps it is whitewashing my situation to call it blazing a trail!)

Last, I am embarking upon a new path for myself. I am moving into and exploring the realm of teaching and mentoring.

I am moving into the realm of blazing trails.



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