Musing Over Coffee With Mom

12 May


This week my mom and I were talking about playing with the kids. I am thinking this morning about how we have to say the kids, or our kids because they are not in reality all mine, and she has legal problems calling them hers.

This month my mother took our kids to a family wedding in Iowa.

I remembered to tell the dad the day they left. He understands us like that.

This last weekend, my mother took our kids to Mackinac Island. The dad knew about that trip about two days before she took them. He is a very patient kind of guy.

I am also thinking that the nut does not always fall far from the tree….

Today I am thinking perhaps my mother grew a mini version of herself and Peter Pan is exactly what she was trying to grow when she was raising her own children. My mother and I are pretty close now, and have very similar parenting styles. In a sense, we both would prefer to be kids and being childish with our kids is the best way to that end without having someone trying to get us committed!

I have the best memories of my mother being my friend. She homeschooled us and thereby got a green light to take us everywhere on field trips. My mother took time out of her life, that she could have spent working for money, or the approval from different people, and chose to spend it with us. Mom took us to all sorts of little out-of-the-way places, explored museums and picnicked in every park she could find with me and my siblings. I am not sure what she enjoyed more, going to see new places, or taking us kids out and about exploring. I am under the impression, that this woman enjoyed our company.

I remember being fairly young, and my parents taking us out to eat for dinner; we talked. My mother talked to us like we had something earthshaking to say. She listened like what was about to be said was the most important thing she was ever going to hear…at least that day. The whole time we were growing up, she was in the moment. Mom enjoyed every day of her parenting career, and didn’t want to miss a single moment by giving one to another caregiver or teacher.

I am one happy nut because I not only fell from a pretty great tree, but I didn’t end up rolling very far off.

Now that I am divorced and back living at home, mom and I have picked up where we left off. I am snuggling up with my kids and books at bedtime just like I did with mom when I was little. Mom and I are taking my kids out for lunch so we can hang on their every word. Mom and I are taking my kids to where ever we want to to go and explore because we can; because my mother and my kids are great company.


Happy Mother’s Day everyone.


2 Responses to “Musing Over Coffee With Mom”

  1. Erin Badgley May 13, 2013 at 3:27 pm #

    I love everyone of you. I had each of you when I was young so I would be able to play with and enjoy you. That way I would also be a young enough grandma to enjoy and play with all my grandkids. They are a joy to be with. Today Gavin asked me to take him back to the butterfly house. I am glad that all my “kids”, from the oldest (38),to the youngest (8 months), enjoy spending time with me. You are all the greatest gift God could give me! Thank you, Lord!!!!


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