Sunday Morning Musings Over Coffee

28 Apr

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“Your life will instantly change the moment you realize you are not at the mercy of unseen and unknown forces or powers of luck, but that it is you who is in control.” ~ Paradigm Shift website posting

Did you ever have a moment that you can look back, and reflect on, knowing that was the moment; the moment when everything changed? Is your journey instead full of moments that looking back, appear below you like steps, to the higher place that you stand now?

My realization that I am no longer at the mercy of unseen forces, or other forces that I thought I needed to depend on, was so slow, so methodical, so ingrained into my process of growth, that until I read that post on Friday, I had no idea that it had happened.

There are a lot of mornings that I sit down with my dad, before the day starts, and we talk over coffee. I will have to admit, some mornings I sit and talk out loud and my dad drinks coffee, in some way to drown out my rambling! I love you dad! It was Friday morning that my “morning musing over coffee with dad” included some philosophy about clear communication, goals, and planning our lives while supporting and growing loved ones around us. Control.

There are some things that we in fact, cannot control at all, and we talked about that too. The amount of rain that falls in the spring or during the vital early growing season cannot be controlled. The way people around us respond to their lives and the choices they make can definitely leave us feeling victimized for a while. So my thoughts are drifting in that direction this week; about how to play the hand that life deals to us without being victimized by it (for very long).

Today I am thinking about all the single mothers out there, making life work. I am thinking about the courage it takes to get up every day and be everything to everyone, while making sure that you are healthy enough to keep it up. I applaud you for the late nights, early mornings and heart wrenching decisions that will be made alone. Choices.

I am thinking about all the divorced women that amaze me with their optimism as they rebuild families, blending and loving like there was no time before. They inspire me and help me understand that life is about the choices we make with the people that choose to be in it. Carpe Diem.

I see people every day walk onto the college campus as adult learners, ready to tackle a new way of thinking and earning their way through life. Barely a drop of thought or bitter remorse is given to the line of work, or the industry that let them down. They inspire me to keep learning, and enjoy today as part of my journey, to be enjoyed to the fullest, not to be endured for the end that may or may not be what we expect it to be.

I am thinking today of my first GED graduate and how second chances have changed her life, how she has enriched my life by her choice to go back and finish her education; allowing me to be part of her journey. I think about how her continued education and friendships she creates at the university will give her more options; more control.

I am thinking about all the emotional and spiritual rags to riches stories out there that should be headline news. How brave men and women all around me are breaking ground for a better tomorrow with the tools they have like there will be no disaster in the future. We don’t talk about the tools we wish we had, or the tools that were lost. We just keep working with what we have in our hands. What a perfect fit for spring; renewal, regrowth, replanting for the purpose of better harvest next time.

Today as I muse over my Sunday morning coffee before my beautiful family wakes up to join me, I want the world to know how much I admire them; my family both purposeful and accidental. I take this moment to admire and acknowledge the courage inside of us all.


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