My Need to Rant

27 Apr

teaching pic

“It’s easier to teach than to do, and it feels like a nice shortcut towards fame, success, money, whatever”. ~ Cristian Mihai

Those who can do those who can’t teach~ Man and Superman

For those of you who don’t know; I am a student and teacher. In fact, I am a student teacher. That being the fact, I am not ignorant to two other facts: first, that I will not be appreciated, second, teaching is one of the hardest, most grinding poorest paying jobs I have ever had…that I love.

Why disparage teachers?  We send our children off to school every day depending on teachers to impart knowledge, wisdom and mentorship to our little ones.

We are angry when teachers fall short of our high expectations, then disreguard the process of teaching itself.

We pay teachers about 24,000 dollars a year to begin their careers here in the Unites States, while setting up their own houses and returning an average of 400.00 a year to their classrooms.

Most people believe that teachers get three months off a year; vacationing and living a life of ease. The truth is teachers spend most of their summer working and preparing for the following fall for free.

I was reading an inspirational blog this morning about how to become a better writer. His point was that people that teach writing do so because they cannot write. Ouch. The blogger however was right to recommend that we read and write as much as humanly possible, and our craft will develop naturally.

So is the case with teachers.

So is the case for doctors.

So is the case for farmers.

So is the case for…Well, you get the idea.

The reason this put a burr under my saddle today, is that I just dropped a creative writing class because the professor, bless her heart, decided that teaching was indeed a waste of time in the creative writing field. She instead would sit in her chair and have all of us read what we wrote in high school and sit back and enjoy. Like magic, all of us will have epiphanies and develop as passionate creative writers. That did not happen.

Being a student of the art of teaching, there is one truth so far that I have discovered; unless you are so freaking brilliant that you don’t need a teacher, someone is going to have to point out the obvious to you and see that you follow through with the application. That’s right, I need someone (because I am not brilliant) to tell me what an Iambic pentameter is, and see that I can create one. I need someone to bring to my attention genres and give them a name, and see to it that I can identify them also. Even though that teacher is undervalued and underpaid, she or he, will have to care enough to follow through and see that I can apply that knowledge that they are privleged enough to impart. In case you were wondering that’s where grades come from.


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