Saving Sanity in Small Spaces

24 Apr

Book Review

As a single mother that spends a LOT of time behind the wheel, I have three words of advice for any parent trapped in a car with children longer than fifteen minutes: BOOKS ON TAPE!
The mini Badgleys and I spend a lot of time in the car. Between road trips and the two hour drive to their dad’s house, there is a lot of quality time just waiting to be embraced. We choose books on tape.
The Mason library (as most libraries) has a wonderful room exclusively for book sales. I was the fortunate mommy of the week and found two fantastic books for our four hours of journey to dad and back.

‘The Cricket in Times Square’ on tape (yes my van is that old) was a perfect addition to our collection. The reader of this fun little classic was Rene Auberjonois. Rene gave each character its own voice with its own tempo so the kids were never confused about the characters. Listening to books on tape without a book to follow along with is a sophisticate skill; thank you Mr. Auberjonis for making that developmental transition just a bit easier and most pleasant!

Our second little treasure was a collection of poems by Jack Prelutsky: The New Kid On the Block, and Something BIG Has Been Here. These poems and songs will now be our “go to” if we run out of books or begin running long on time in the car. There is a lot of Jack Prelutskies work available on YouTube also, along with talented artists and novice readers that do a great job brining his silliness to life.


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