My Better Half

22 Apr

amy and erin

As we journey through life we have the opportunity to meet a lot of people. Some we like some we don’t. Some people we meet will journey with us for a short time, and others stick around whether you want them to or not. Some are sticking around because they no longer have a choice. I am so blessed to have met my other half that is there because she chooses to be here with me.
My best friend didn’t appear until I was nearly thirty. Sometimes I have to shake my head at how the universe knits time together, because it is just so…perfect. I met my better half not long after some life tragedies had me in a vulnerable place; without knowing it, I was open to being a bit mothered and coddled. My marriage was on the rocks, I had buried a child and life was not going my way.
Just when I needed someone with a strong sense of self and a rock solid personality, I was blessed that she stepped into that role, never to look back; our fit was so natural, neither of us thought about it for a very long time. Now we have been partners in crime long enough to appreciate each other and look back with wonder at it all.
When our marriages ended, it was my better half that let me drag her around Italy pretending we were starring in ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’.
Just when I had settled into my new house as a single mother and began getting comfortable, it was my wiser half that dragged me to the local college campus to sign up for classes.
When I had no one to celebrate my birthdays, she showed up with a cake.
When I was sad because I didn’t have a valentines date, I was the third wheel her very, very patient boyfriend escorted two years in a row to dinner and a movie.
When I went nomad, she opened up her couch.
This woman is so generous and loving that she makes me coffee when I have a particularly bad day. She hates the smell of coffee, and wouldn’t drink it if her life depended on it. Yea, she is that awesome.
It has been about nine years now and today I extend to my better half, birthday wishes for the most successful, happiest year yet. Amy, I love you and your family, and am so very grateful that I got to be your best friend and partner in crime. I hope we have many more adventures over the next nine years!


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