My child; My Fashion Consultant

18 Apr

     At my house there is one rule: mom is not allowed to dress herself. The “mom does not dress herself rule” includes shopping, it includes shoes, and it includes makeup. Oh, do I ever thank God for the people in my life that take care of me when I fail! What would I do without my mentors? Last week I foolishly tried to find out, and I am formally apologizing to everyone that had to see that!

     Last week I decided I was going to be brave and shop through my closet; I decided I was going to put together my own ensemble for my professional job at the college library. The general consensus was…oh no you didn’t! Oh, but oh, yes I did. My first clue after slipping out of the house like a rebellious teenager about to break the dress code behind her mother’s back was an innocent bystander at the library. This poor little old man needed help with some research, and the geek in me readily complied. After we finished gathering his resources he looked at me and asked in a sweet, almost childlike way; “Ma’am, may I ask you a personal question? Are you a conservative Christian?” I shifted in my seat a bit uncomfortably, tried not to blush as I looked down at my black Good Will flats. “Well sir, I am not sure I understand your question” I replied, quickly changed the subject, sent him on his way…and took a minute to look again in the closest mirror I could find.

     I asked my supervisor, and she kindly let me know that they understood I was on a budget….

     I asked my good friend at work and she told me perhaps a bun is not the best hairstyle for a long skirt….

     I asked my sister and she told me the truth. Now what you have to know is that my sister does not EVER, I mean EVER tell ANYONE the Gods honest truth. This precious woman will tell everyone what they need to hear by sheer instinct; because she is truly the one person, family and friend alike can count on for that moment in life when preservation of face supersedes all else. This girl can tell you with a straight face that no, those mom jeans do not make you look fat. And I think she even believes it when it is said. Yes, this precious woman whom I was counting on to tell me what I desperately wanted to hear….told me I just didn’t match.

     Feeling beat down and a bit sulky, like the proverbial teenager that was caught with a miniskirt on after fleeing the watchful eye of her parents. I sat down and had a very noisy pity party, right there in the kitchen. Now here is the inspirational part you have been reading this for; the awesome wisdom that only a dedicated mother can pull from life; enter Danielle Nicole.

     Danielle: my patient little girl, impatient to be a woman; the sweet child who loves to give her parents a good challenge just to keep us on our toes. This precious little girl wrapped her arms around me and let me know that as soon as I had time, she would be happy to watch over me if I wanted to replace my god-awful ugly outfit with garments more fitting for the awesome mother that I am. Even though I was suspicious that she may be manipulating me into a new pair of shoes… She volunteered take charge and save me from myself.

     How awesome it is, to have a family you can count on, even when it really does not matter. I mean, really, does it matter, in the grand scheme of things, if I look a bit like a nun with a bun? Does it really matter if I think a black blazer makes everything ok, or if I think it is acceptable to wear somewhat matching shades of lavender? Together?

     The truth is this: what matters most is that I have been born into, and created for myself, a family that I can count on. I have parents that are so eager to see me flying around like Peter Pan, that they offer their basement, storage space and patience to make it happen. I have a brother that no matter how well we are not getting along at any given time will stop what he is doing to fix my van for the next road trip. I have daughters that will take time out of their very busy teenage lives, to make sure mom doesn’t leave the house without matching ever again.

I am one VERY lucky woman.


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