My Child, My Teacher

17 Apr


The most wonderful thing about exploring life with children, is the second chance to move through elementary school and pick up on things we forgot to pay attention to the first time around. Perhaps having all of our background information that only years can provide, makes their schoolwork far more interesting for us, or maybe it is only that the pressure is off and our children will be tested and graded; we are off the hook!

Whatever the case, I had a great time this last two weeks learning the fine art of Haiku from my third grader. Because we are temporarily homebound with our school schedules, Haiku was our grand adventure this week. With David’s permission, I am sharing our haikus as a tribute to spring, and inspiration for us to get out-of-doors now that we have spring’s official invitation.

David’s Haiku
Fire crackling tonight
In the chimney at midnight
While the gray wolves hunt

David taught mom to write:
The frogs give first chirp
That spring has now awoken
Bare feet seal the promise

Robins seek out worms
Worms come up to breathe fresh air
Now is time to fish

Enjoy the first days of spring everyone!


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