The Need to Blaze a Trail

13 Apr


Being a parent is a difficult process.

Being an imperfect parent of four children while wishing I was a child still, is next to impossible.

Being a single parent, living in my parent’s basement while raising my children…well, that must be published!

Entertaining, insightful and inspiring it may or may not be. My purpose here is to think and generate discussion with my children as they mature, and I would love for our world community to join the dialog and enjoy the process with us.

The running joke for the last seven or so years now, is that I am Peter Pan. I have found a way to dive into the fountain of youth, refuse to grow back up, embracing adventure and shirking my adult responsibilities forevermore. The problem is this; I have never actually read the book. I admit that the only reference I have to blazing a trail for Wendy is totally and shamefully Disney. So, my first few Sunday morning musings ( my intended weekly post ) will undoubtedly reflect the classic that I fully intend to read like scripture so that I do indeed blaze a trail for my three beautiful girls and handsome son.

With or without the timeless classic of Peter Pan, my intention is not to show my children how to grow up ( because I certainly do not want that! ) but to share my life path as we explore our world and share our ideas and faith. I have been having wonderful adventures with my family, individually and as a family together that deserve through documentation as well as celebration. I hope to share some great stories and adventures with all of you as we embark on our newest adventures.

In the near future we will be exploring Michigan, moving to Florida to play at Disney for the summer and swim with sea cows ( totally on my bucket list ) then head off to Alaska for a year to witness the Northern Lights. Yes, BLAZE is the only word for this trail!


One Response to “The Need to Blaze a Trail”

  1. Vivian I Curl April 15, 2013 at 12:39 am #

    I am looking forward to much more!! Way to go Erin! =)

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